Corporate Catering

Hosting a dinner with a social focus?

SFP has an experienced team of ethical chefs that can create the menu of your dreams! From dinner parties at home to festivals of several hundred, we can offer restaurant-quality food that is tailored to your needs. 

SFP specialises in share-style dining experiences, using locally sourced, ethically produced food that is good for people and the environment. We will happily talk to your guests about sourcing great food and the benefits of a more sustainable food system. 

Catering options include:

+ Event Catering

Do you have a social event coming up? We can cater for events big or small! We specialise in share-style meals in a range of different cuisines and will develop a menu together to suit your tastes and needs.

+ Home Catering

Take the work out of your next dinner party! Our professional chef can come to your house and prepare a special meal for your friends or family. We can cook anything from a simple BBQ up to a multiple course dinner.

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