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Sustainable Food Events

Do you have an event, meeting or social engagement coming up?

We offer catering for corporate events, private dinner parties and celebrations. From small gatherings to events of several hundred people, our team of ethical chefs can create the menu of your dreams!

From public demos to hands-on cooking classes, our unique workshops are engaging and leave participants feeling inspired.

Our classes are fun, interactive and full of useful tips and tricks. We love sharing our passion and using the power of food as a way to build and strengthen relationships.

The revenue from our catering and workshop services allow us to host a range of community projects.

These projects help to support local farmers, reduce food waste, communicate new ideas about the future of food, and contribute to a fair food community.


Building a fair food community through events, experiences and collaborations.


Who we are

The Social Food Project is made up of a a team of qualified, experienced chefs who are passionate about sustainability.

We offer a range of catering and workshop services, that feature local, ethical, quality ingredients. By engaging our services, you’re not just ensuring your event is eco-friendly, you’re also supporting local farmers and producers. On top of that, every catering gig, workshop and demo we book, helps fund our community projects. Our projects are what set us apart from other catering companies and are helping to build a fairer food future.