What does the Social Food Project do?

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Public Events 

We host a range of public events that specialise in share-style dining experiences, using locally sourced, ethically produced food that is good for people and the environment. We oftne have guest speakers that talk  about sourcing great food and the benefits of a more sustainable food system. 


Workshops and Demos

We love speaking about sustainable food! We can come to your festival, event or workplace to teach about local food systems. 

Our workshops and demos are interactive, fun and exciting and include hands on practical advice on how to purchase, cook and eat more ethical food. We always include something delicious to eat as well...

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SFP has an experienced team of ethical chefs that can create the menu of your dreams! From dinner parties at home to festivals of several hundred, we can offer restaurant-quality food that is tailored to your needs. 

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Do you want help writing a seasonal menu? Do you need to be connected to suppliers that offer local, ethically produced food?

The SFP team has over a decade of hospitality experience and can help make your establishment more sustainable by reducing waste, educating staff and connecting more with your customers.



We are all about sharing stories of a more sustainable food future. One of the best ways to do that is though video. We have created a range of videos as part of our Farmer to Table series that you can watch HERE.

Would you like to collaborate on a video?

The Social Food Project aims to create a more connected food system through interactive food events that have a focus on sustainability, education and story-telling.