Mixed leaf salad, baby vegetables, nettle dressing

Prep time:  30 mins | Cook Time: 15 mins | Difficulty: Easy | Serving Size: 8

This salad is great to serve as a side dish to the main meal, or by itself if you want to feel super healthy! The specific ingredients in this dish can be easily replaced with other produce - the best thing to do is to simply purchase what is in season. 


Cos lettuce                                        2 heads

Red butterhead lettuce                    2 heads

Roquette                                           250g

Baby radishes                                    1 bunch

Baby beetroot                                   1 bunch

Nettle                                                200g

Dijon mustard                                    1 Tbsp

White wine vinegar                           3 Tbsp

Olive oil                                              100ml

Sugar                                                  1 tsp

Salt                                                     To taste


1. Wash all of the salad leaves to make sure there is no dirt in there. Dry in a salad spinner. 

2. Using a sharp knife or mandoline, carefully slice the baby radishes and beetroot thinly. Place them in ice water for 10minutes. This will help them to firm up and give them a nice crunch. 

3. Wash the nettle thoroughly in cold water. Cook the nettle in a pot of boiling water for 15 seconds and then transfer directly into ice water. This process is called 'blanching and refreshing' and will help the nettle to keep a lot of its green color and flavor vibrancy. 

4. Remove the nettle from the ice water after a few minutes and squeeze out any excess liquid. Place the nettle, mustard, vinegar, oil, sugar, and salt in a blender and blitz on high for 30 seconds until you get a smooth dressing. 

5. To serve, combine all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Season with salt to taste.