Plate of Provenance
10:00 AM10:00

Plate of Provenance

Join Chris, Regenerative Farmer from SageFarm and one of our featured Social Food Project Chefs for a day of food and thought provoking discussion.

"A Plate of Provenance” is a unique experience where a maximum of 8 people get to spend the day on SageFarm, – farming, cooking, wining and dining. The day starts with a walking tour of our regenerative farm, showcasing our farming systems and getting up close and personal with the Sage animals. Then we get hands-on with our Chef in Sage’s kitchen, learning how to take artisan cuts of beef and lamb and turn them in to delicious works of art.

We finish the day – with a full meal – prepared and cooked by yourself, sitting on the deck, over-looking the majestic Moorabool Valley.



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