Preserve My Harvest

Preserve my Harvest is a community project dedicated to reducing waste by turning underutilised food into delicious shelf stable products.

This project has a range of applications including:

  • working with local farmers to upcycle produce that would be wasted

  • hosting cooking workshops teaching people how to make pickles, preserves, ferments and more!

  • going to peoples homes and helping them preserve food from their own gardens and fruit trees

Do you have an abundance of fruits or vegetables that need preserving?

Often when our garden comes to fruition, we end up with more produce than we can deal with. If we can’t eat or give enough away, this often ends up as food waste. Anyone with fruit trees will know; when it rains it pours.

Introducing: Preserve my Harvest, a mobile preserving service by the Social Food Project.

How does it work?

We will send over a qualified chef to your house to preserve, pickle and or ferment your fresh produce. We bring the jars, labels, cooking equipment and all preserving ingredients needed to create shelf-stable products. Over 3 hours, you can spend time with the chef learning how to create a range of pickles, jams, tomato sauces, relishes or ferments - whatever is best suited to the produce you have.

Invite some friends to make it a preserving party!