Sustainable Food Experiences


The Social Food Project offers unique food experiences where our guests learn how to eat, live and consume more sustainably through interactive, social and fun food experiences.

These experiences include pop-up dinners, cooking workshops, private catering, food consulting and interactive presentations.

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Our Mission

Our experiences allow people to engage with content in new and exciting ways for sustainable behaviour change. 

All of the complex challenges of our work need to be solved with others. Although individuals can have profound impacts on the world, it is through working together with community that real change happens. That is why we are focusing on creating experiences that build relationships, understanding and empathy in the community, so that we can address the challenges of the future together. 

Our mission is to create the conditions for people to have 'light bulb moments'. These moments shake our core assumptions and can drive new behaviours. Our experiences give people the opportunity to rethink their actions and enact more sustainable behaviours. 

The Social Food Project aims to:

  • Create a more sustainable food system.

  • Inspire people to engage with food in different ways.

  • Promote a fair food system for all.

  • Host unique food experiences in the form of dinners and workshops.

  • Cook delicious food for good people!


Our Story

The Social Food Project was founded by chef, environmentalist and social entrepreneur Ben McMenamin. After working as a chef for more than 10 years and gaining a degree at RMIT, Ben has realised the power food has at bringing people together and catalysing social change.

Ben has cooked with a number of great social initiatives including the Food Know How project, Scarf Community Dinners, Give a Fork Sustainable Seafood lunch, OzHarvest and more! His work as a food educator has taken him all over Australia presenting at sustainability conferences and community festivals. 

Ben's passion for food and education is matched only by his love of gardening! While at RMIT, Ben started a student project called Greening RMIT dedicated to creating more urban gardens and increasing food literacy on campus. He has hosted numerous gardening workshops and cooking demonstrations for students and staff alike. 

In 2016, Ben joined the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance as the Membership Officer and Co-founded the Fair Food Challenge, to promote a more fair, healthy and accessible food system.


Our Friends

We are proud to be part of an amazing network of inspired individuals and organisations working towards a more sustainable food system in Australia. If we can't help you with your event or cause, we might know someone who can!  

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